20 December 2012

119 idea

This month, ideasonair proposes to the digital artists a very conceptual idea. It suggests to shows (meant in various ways) an art-curator…

29 November 2012

118 idea

Ideasonair proposes to the graphics/artists to build some interactive icons (using XCode) containing inside an hidden message that can be generated and be transfigured from icon to sound listenable through ITunes.

30 October 2012

117 idea

This month comes out an idea on reshape places, making ‘digital site-specific projects’ by artists. Using the AR technology on mobile, Ideasonair proposes to build an App that the artists can use in order to manipulate digital environments/models on a real place/scape. By pointing the camera at the place, this App shows various options to invent and redefine the place, so the artist can start to construct his/her new digital place by changing the look of the ongoing location.

24 September 2012

116 idea

This month Ideasonair promotes an idea at primordial state but versatile. The blog suggests to use the Firebug's extension (with Firefox browser) in order to create an Interactive html artwork.

30 August 2012

115 idea

This month, ideasonair proposes an idea for artists/programmers that suggests to create a similar app to Emoji Free! The “Art-Emoji “ provides its own art-icons in messages/chats, in order to produce a solo or a group keyboard-exhibition to share via sms.

17 July 2012

114 idea

Ideasonair proposes an art-curatorial idea: to create an exhibition as a process that generates visions through “episodes” of digital art.

20 June 2012

113 idea

This month Ideasonair comes-out with an idea for artists-programmers. So, proposes to re-think at the Luna-Park's carousels, in order to transmute them into mobile’s games Apps.

22 May 2012

112 idea

An idea for digital photographer. Ideasonair this month proposes to create a sort of “Nature’s ready-made”. Making digital photos - stopping the natural cycle, isolating the particular, and turning natural details into real objects, and more, decontextualizing all the natural shapes, your nature’s concept will be a “fantastic” ready-made!

20 April 2012

111 idea

Become new media artist just for one day! We will let you know all the possibilities and the solutions...

22 March 2012

110 idea

Ideasonair proposes to use Quartz Composer and a webcam, to generate a program that translates sign language into abstract paintings, in real time.

29 February 2012

109 idea

This month, ideasonair proposes an expertize-technical idea: “Elegant code“ for creates your own movie in Machinima. Then, modify the artwork's interactivity using Quartz Composer, in order to create a standalone composition within Xcode, that uses your own name file extension, as for example .CHIARA_PASSA

27 January 2012

108 idea

This idea proposes to the visual-poetry’s artists, to create through iTunes’s podcast, a series of audio-video episodes, of a non-linear/interactive-narrative, using the markers in AE and/or Q.T.