22 December 2011

107 idea

"Startup Digital-Art Key". It’s an idea to create a new media artwork easy to sale. The pen-drive to release, contains the artwork that is bootable from the device itself. So the purchaser to watch and interacts with the contents, doesn’t needs to install or update the artwork inside the pen drive.

23 November 2011

106 idea

This month ideasonair, proposes to plan a written aphorism wandering on google earth’s globe, whose meaning changes depending on the geographical location of google+’s users who are connected.

26 October 2011

105 idea

This idea is for new media artists. Ideasonair this month, proposes to create a series of virtual sculptures (kinect sculptures), using kinect on xbox 360 and the web-cam.

22 September 2011

104 idea

Whit this idea, Ideasonair proposes to set-up a mobile APP: “Outlet for the digital art”, where artists can submit to sale their digital artworks. Every day, the app will select the best artwork at the best price, related to the area where you reside.

12 August 2011

103 idea

Summertime - ideasonair surfs the web more than ever ;-) even if, returns always to the HOMEPAGE! So, proposes an idea to make a net-based artwork, that reflects on the concept of the homepage and explores and constructs it’s own homepage-artwork as a home where make return...

22 July 2011

102 idea

This month, Ideasonair proposes to set up a real key or better, “Art key” on your pc's keyboard. When it is pressed, generates an instant artwork… could be done using Arduino as servo commander and Quartz Composer, for example, to make a screensaver.

30 June 2011

101 idea

This month, Ideasonair proposes to build (using Arduino and Quartz Composer as controllers) an interactive video installation with the theme “live circuit”.

31 May 2011

100 idea

Ideasonair.net has carried out the hundredth idea!!! First of all, thank you very much for being with us since 2005 ;-)

This not easy idea, titled “Wild Time”, proposes to create a random sound loop in real-time, using Arduino (with some sensor) as modulator and microcontroller; and building with Quartz Composer the audio spectrum in order to visualize on screen the sound mutation.

27 April 2011

99 idea

This idea proposes to construct an interactive landscape "Sublimescape" that sublimates on the base of the viewer look's intensity.

31 March 2011

98 idea

This idea proposes to set up a specific channel on You-Tube, of short interviews on new media artists (just 2 or 3 min but one interview per day) and the related podcast's service.

24 February 2011

97 idea

Ideasonair proposes to create an app. for smartphones that generates "random art books" structured by sentences!

29 January 2011

96 idea

ideasonair.net proposes to reflect on how to best exhibit conceptual art. So, this month, the blog will try (as a primordial stage idea) to create a suitable sort of environment that represents a Conceptual Art Galley. How to build, or not to build, a conceptual art galley? Light, reflection, reverberation, specularity, walls, thoughts, snips of code, air…?