09 March 2010

86 idea

This is a technical idea on how is possible to create an animation with the stereoscopic effect just using Google SketchUp freeware version.
So, download and install Google SketchUp. Download or create a model and animate it. Save the animation project file, and then save an exact, duplicate copy of that same project file, with a different file name. Open both the animations in separate windows, place them side-by-side, either as a parallel pair or crossed pair. Open the first frame of each scene, one at a time and shift the camera in one window by panning left or right (horizontally) until the amount of depth is desired for that frame. When you are finished, if your panning was perfectly parallel (horizontal), you should end up a separate left and right perspective animation with interpolated frames with an animated stereo base. Since the cameras were “pointed parallel”, you will need to shift the parallax (”set the stereo window”) in post with something like StereoMovie Maker or Adobe After Effects.