03 December 2009

83 idea

... just make all transparent: buildings, cars, net-artworks, layers, web-projects, etc...

02 November 2009

82 idea

"Donate an internet artwork". This idea proposes to donate internet-artworks, instead of sharing them, through cut-and paste action, which will be different every time. This way, donated net-artwork will be always unique (one of a kind).

01 October 2009

81 idea

Walking through the internet. This idea proposes to construct an immersive and interactive video-installation that uses internet landscapes as fluctuating environments. People walking around the street, are live videos introduced into screened public instillation and they can take a walk through this new internet architecture as if in a labyrinth.

11 September 2009

80 idea

Patchwork house
This idea proposes to be inspired from great architects in order to plan a green-house like a patchwork assembled with scraps and second-hand materials.

01 August 2009

79 idea

Using Xcode or Dashcode (in osx) is possible to create some interactive widgets. This idea suggests to carry out a personal e-card business as an interactive widget. Sending and installing it, is possible to create through Internet, a personal or group exhibition of new media art, staying at home; or also organize some artist’s studio visit with various openings all around the world, all without moving.

01 July 2009

78 idea

This is an idea to make an interactive video installation, using as environment the Rubik's cube. People with their movements can directly change the colours of the cube.

03 June 2009

77 idea

"Google street view film, based on a psycho-geographic journey"
This idea proposes to create a sort of a film-documentary through the streets, taking and remixing images from Google Street View DB. The result will be a film always different because in transformation.

04 May 2009

76 idea

This idea proposes to improvise an extemporaneous contra-net-art exhibition on the theme of some links of digital-art, found while surfing on the web. Make your contra-net-art exhibition, just linking the webpage that you created with all the related links of the exhibition, under the comments of some blog about time based artworks, or links the webpage leaving a comment in some guestbook of a website that reviews new media artworks.

14 April 2009

75 idea

Imagine a space-satellite launch … this idea
"launch of a digital artwork" proposes to decorate a rocket during the firing, with a project of digital art.

17 March 2009

74 idea

“New media art for rent.net” is an idea that proposes itself through a website where is possible to rent ‘time based artworks’, in order to show them, in a variety of performance, (for example, would be stimulating to show the artworks through a big screen during a meeting), in a physical space like an office. “New media art for rent.net” is expert in ‘new media art’ to rent for offices, businesses, and corporations and multinationals that need to organize their meetings, brainstorming and various reviews, with a creative approach.

19 February 2009

73 idea

“Geotracking street art “ (and digital art in public space). The idea proposes to create a web site presents itself as a huge database of locations that user can share. Everyone can submit street-art locations that will have associated an assortment of metadata. Locations will necessarily have coordinates that a user could provide from a GPS device, or by specifying a place on the map (using the app. for cel. Google map and Google latitude).

15 January 2009

72 idea

With this idea, ideasonair proposes to make an installation made by a series of Pc-sculptures physically infected from various virus. An example (the image at the top) shows as a Computer is infected from measles… maybe one day also the machines will be affected by the similar diseases as those that affect the human race.