12 March 2008

61 idea

"Microcelebrity net agency" Are you sure you became a star? Or your “DIY” makes you not so much known from millions but to a small group or a thousand people, or maybe only a few dozen. So join this agency! Ideasonair wants to ironize on the phenomenon of microcelebrity with this idea: to create a net agency that promote only microcelebrity, just using one of the medium as myspace.com that has contributed to create this sad social phenomenon.

10 March 2008

60 idea

Often we lose the last copy done with the mouse because we continue to do copies without pasting the first one ... Mouse Multipaste is an idea that proposes to give to the PC the ability to keep in memory the three latest copies done with the mouse and to paste it one by one, subsequently.

04 March 2008

59 idea

This idea proposes to build a virtual museums deconstructing and transforming the faces of robots in order to have a futuristic architecture.