18 January 2008

56 idea

“Dailyart”. Just one newspaper to let know everyone in half-day about the Net Art!
This idea proposes to rent for one day the daily free newspaper “Metro” in order to publish a big reportage about Digital Art on the whole newspaper.

14 January 2008

55 idea

Ehy ehy art amateur and lovers of any sort of wired collections… this idea proposes to create an album of digital artists to exchange, sale, etc, just like the protagonists of football’s albums… because we also like to play the “game” ;-)

12 January 2008

54 idea

Paintings turn into new media artworks… Visiting a Museum for example the Thyssen Bornemisza in Madrid or the Museo Egizio in Torino while the spectator closes at the some artwork will receive on mobile via bluetooth an idea that proposes to change paintings into new media artworks. You can realize this idea using “processing” (www.processing.org).