10 December 2008

71 idea

"Blogging theatre" proposes to put on stage a theatre-piece using the blog and its contents as idea of structure.

23 November 2008

70 idea

"Dark Silent Room for museums"
The idea proposes to give to the museums a "Dark Silent Room", in order to let the spectators relax, meditate and clear their mind while cross through this Dark Silent Room… to go from one exhibition to another

22 October 2008

69 idea

This idea proposes to develop an Internet search "aide rĂªverie" for artist, critics, curators, designers, architects, etc. The program should be simple to use, in fact people should only need to type a word (or more) regarding their idea and a representation composed of online materials will be displayed in response through a sub-search of various fields such as “New media art,” composed within a specific abstract.

15 September 2008

68 idea

“Writing in the sky”, a conceptual idea on new media art. The sms will appear in the sky when people walking, crosses the signal of a satellite …

01 August 2008

67 idea

This idea is towards the creation of a New Media Art Festival Installation, to feature collective artworks made by a network of remixed files. The first stage of the idea sites the creation of an online database as a sort of mesh through which collaborating artists can upload their new media works. At the same time, each artist or group can download one or more of the files (the digital artworks) in order to remix them one with the other - creating a new artwork to upload again, until the deadline - for participation at the festival.

19 June 2008

66 idea

This idea proposes to create an online network-studio for digital artists and musicians, equipped with all the virtual tools to give them the possibility to work together. It would be an online platform where artists and musicians can meet, share and work together on the same projects, via internet.

26 May 2008

65 idea

For the series that regards the diffusion of digital art in public space, this idea proposes to open a Digital-Art shop as the vending machine opened 24 hours...

19 May 2008

64 idea

This idea proposes to create the history of the NET-ART as Manga, using various stuff and resources.

08 April 2008

62 idea

Conceptual software art, or software art without software? This idea proposes to create your own art-game in an very easy way: using yoyogames application.

12 March 2008

61 idea

"Microcelebrity net agency" Are you sure you became a star? Or your “DIY” makes you not so much known from millions but to a small group or a thousand people, or maybe only a few dozen. So join this agency! Ideasonair wants to ironize on the phenomenon of microcelebrity with this idea: to create a net agency that promote only microcelebrity, just using one of the medium as myspace.com that has contributed to create this sad social phenomenon.

10 March 2008

60 idea

Often we lose the last copy done with the mouse because we continue to do copies without pasting the first one ... Mouse Multipaste is an idea that proposes to give to the PC the ability to keep in memory the three latest copies done with the mouse and to paste it one by one, subsequently.

04 March 2008

59 idea

This idea proposes to build a virtual museums deconstructing and transforming the faces of robots in order to have a futuristic architecture.

19 February 2008

58 idea

Start to teach to childrens the programming languages as for the spoken languages.

08 February 2008

57 idea

Many significant artworks of Net-Art are disappearing nowadays because they no longer work with the current browser. This idea proposes to create a sort of specialists that restore digital art
The Software-Art in particular could be restored by installing appropriate plug-ins created for browsers such as Mozilla, Firefox and Opera.

18 January 2008

56 idea

“Dailyart”. Just one newspaper to let know everyone in half-day about the Net Art!
This idea proposes to rent for one day the daily free newspaper “Metro” in order to publish a big reportage about Digital Art on the whole newspaper.

14 January 2008

55 idea

Ehy ehy art amateur and lovers of any sort of wired collections… this idea proposes to create an album of digital artists to exchange, sale, etc, just like the protagonists of football’s albums… because we also like to play the “game” ;-)

12 January 2008

54 idea

Paintings turn into new media artworks… Visiting a Museum for example the Thyssen Bornemisza in Madrid or the Museo Egizio in Torino while the spectator closes at the some artwork will receive on mobile via bluetooth an idea that proposes to change paintings into new media artworks. You can realize this idea using “processing” (www.processing.org).