30 November 2007

52 idea

“Art calling digital art stories” (http://www.chiarapassa.it/publicart.htm) as a gadget titled “Softell”: a Blue tooth pillow telling stories about net art received directly from PC.

09 November 2007

51 idea

News on ‘curate digital art’. “Making your own net art exhibition” proposes to create and realize a random net art show as a meeting. Everybody (artists, curators, critics, etc…) are invited (through a mailing list created just for the occasion) to bring their laptops showing the own curatorial project as a net art exhibition. This eclectic exhibition could be done into an empty gallery or better a museum.

06 November 2007

50 idea

No one has yet created an internet flag to put on the blogs (WEBLOGFLAG) to mean that the events are taking place just on the web. Have a look at this interesting blog http://transition.turbulence.org/blog/ it reviews lots of events around the world but only the events that take place in internet are without a flag…
Internet is a ‘real super-place’ and needs a flag ! This idea proposes to create one.
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