26 October 2007

49 idea

Speaking at the wall
This is an idea for build an interactive video installation synthesizing the voice into architecture.
While the spectator is inside the room and tell a story close to the wall he will modify with his voice the whole environment around him. The words that he will pronounce will draw a new atmosphere.
The voice is recorded from a microphone and live time audio-video processed (you can use Isadora or max-msp software).

10 October 2007

48 idea

This idea proposes to capitalizE and paint green the last word of a phrase In order to mean that the phrase has a cut humoristic !

02 October 2007

47 idea

Lessons on new media art through podcast

This idea proposes to create some audio packs on new media art as episodes to podcast weekly through I-tunes. The compilations contain stories about the most interesting artists, artworks and events about digital art, from the beginning to present day.