19 July 2007

44 idea

“Dragava li siti” (ironic anagram from the word “Digital Vasari”). “Dragava li siti” in Italian slang mean “dragging websites” and proposes to create a sort of DB-website (that the user could always upgrade, share and turn in a book as pdf), exclusively for collecting queer life’s biography about digital artists.

09 July 2007

43 idea

Upgrade the old theater pieces to the contemporary life changing and finding “New Morals For Stories”. This idea could be used also for changing the past and bored morals of the fables re-editing contemporary stories.

02 July 2007

42 idea

Net art roller-skating

For the series “Digital art in public space“, “Net art roller-skating” is an underground way (if you feel at the net art as a mission;-) to divulge the net art around the city just giving people flyers with web address printed on.