13 December 2007

53 idea

“Feedartnews” is an idea that proposes to create a public screening of net art news performing in real time. All news are taken directly from a feed url ( like this http://www.rhizome.org/syndicate/feeds/fp.rss ).
You can realize this idea using Quartz Composer and an internet connection…

30 November 2007

52 idea

“Art calling digital art stories” (http://www.chiarapassa.it/publicart.htm) as a gadget titled “Softell”: a Blue tooth pillow telling stories about net art received directly from PC.

09 November 2007

51 idea

News on ‘curate digital art’. “Making your own net art exhibition” proposes to create and realize a random net art show as a meeting. Everybody (artists, curators, critics, etc…) are invited (through a mailing list created just for the occasion) to bring their laptops showing the own curatorial project as a net art exhibition. This eclectic exhibition could be done into an empty gallery or better a museum.

06 November 2007

50 idea

No one has yet created an internet flag to put on the blogs (WEBLOGFLAG) to mean that the events are taking place just on the web. Have a look at this interesting blog http://transition.turbulence.org/blog/ it reviews lots of events around the world but only the events that take place in internet are without a flag…
Internet is a ‘real super-place’ and needs a flag ! This idea proposes to create one.
Click on the image to enlarge it.

26 October 2007

49 idea

Speaking at the wall
This is an idea for build an interactive video installation synthesizing the voice into architecture.
While the spectator is inside the room and tell a story close to the wall he will modify with his voice the whole environment around him. The words that he will pronounce will draw a new atmosphere.
The voice is recorded from a microphone and live time audio-video processed (you can use Isadora or max-msp software).

10 October 2007

48 idea

This idea proposes to capitalizE and paint green the last word of a phrase In order to mean that the phrase has a cut humoristic !

02 October 2007

47 idea

Lessons on new media art through podcast

This idea proposes to create some audio packs on new media art as episodes to podcast weekly through I-tunes. The compilations contain stories about the most interesting artists, artworks and events about digital art, from the beginning to present day.

25 September 2007

46 idea

If you are a musician short of money, mediums or time. Or if you just prefer to leave the case who will edit your video clip for the last soundtrack you had made, you’d use myspace.com to make a “CALL FOR AN OPEN VIDEO CLIP”.You can use myspace.com in this way: for publish and let people download both the soundtracks to listen and all the images for making the video clip. Better to put online images done with a blue background, easily to remove using the ‘blue screen’ method.

18 September 2007

19 July 2007

44 idea

“Dragava li siti” (ironic anagram from the word “Digital Vasari”). “Dragava li siti” in Italian slang mean “dragging websites” and proposes to create a sort of DB-website (that the user could always upgrade, share and turn in a book as pdf), exclusively for collecting queer life’s biography about digital artists.

09 July 2007

43 idea

Upgrade the old theater pieces to the contemporary life changing and finding “New Morals For Stories”. This idea could be used also for changing the past and bored morals of the fables re-editing contemporary stories.

02 July 2007

42 idea

Net art roller-skating

For the series “Digital art in public space“, “Net art roller-skating” is an underground way (if you feel at the net art as a mission;-) to divulge the net art around the city just giving people flyers with web address printed on.

14 June 2007

41 idea

“Immaterial studio for making interactive video” is an idea to built an interactive platform to edit online video in real time from various people connected to the internet.
“Immaterial studio for making video” could be also implemented for example, to create an annual online video art festival where group of participates will made one big video in a collaborative way…
People want to take a part at the online festival of video art, must use the interactive platform constituted by an online software to cut, paste, edit, make effects, ( I imagine the software similar both at After Effects and Final Cut but online version ) and upload pieces of movies. Every people or group can do modifications to the precedent version uploaded. So the video ( never finished ) will be always interactive, transforming itself and generating a sort of process that is meant like “Artwork”. The user/spectator will watch at a wired video festival done just with one wide "Artwork" made from a lot of people that always change itself.

11 June 2007

40 idea

Curating net art trough an agency

This idea proposes to show various online artworks and exhibitions of internet art, creating an online agency ( with a DB continuously update ) that makes “Tour of Digital art”. Connecting to the agency’s website it is possible to receive via email various and several “travel’s packages” ( with the instructions ) about different tours regarding the net art and related items.

30 May 2007

39 idea

This idea proposes to the net art curators to start an open and collaborative curatorial experience using this interactive platform http://wackowiki.com/HomePage
The idea aim to curate a huge and assorted open art exhibition made from many different curators. Or to create a WikiWaco Museum...

17 May 2007

38 idea

Ideasonair is thinking at a new idea regarding an online game-art that involves group of people and communities to play behind hiding directories with files that usually sharing. A sort of an online “treasure hunt”… maybe with google earth…

07 May 2007

37 idea

Let's create a Medialab on Second Life...

19 April 2007

36 idea

"Abstract interior jail design"
This idea proposes to paint the cages of the jails to improve and make more beautiful a sad environment …

04 April 2007

35 idea

For the series Digital art in public space: “Street Net-Art”.

This idea proposes to rename all the principal streets (or just an area of the city) with the most explicative Net-Art web address (in an easy way: with printed sheets of paper to glue on the street plate), joining the real world with the “www” into a double psycho-geographic experience.
It’d be better to cover the streets (maybe, comfortably by the taxi) with a pc equipped of wireless device to watch the websites.
Anyway, you’d also walk on the streets watching at the Net-Art web address and subsequently to see the relative websites.

24 March 2007

34 idea

This idea proposes to create a Software to Learn Net Art...

08 March 2007

33 idea

MSN as an open gallery - On msn as curating digital art!
This idea proposes to show and debate one artwork per week via MSN.

07 March 2007

32 idea

Rocket house prefab.
This is an old idea I get ten years ago.
It is a prototype to build a modular prefab architecture everywhere you want.
I’ve manipulated the shape of some rockets into synthetic and basic architectures: I’ve named “compressions-containers”, so the symbol of war turns into HOUSE.

23 February 2007

31 idea

Ready house is a sheet of cardboard (2,50 length x 1,50 w. x 1,50 h. mq.) with some openings: a door, two windows and a mobile wall that divides the space. Ready house is folded and become a square that enters into a bag.

12 February 2007

30 idea

Finally ideasonair founds an easy and relaxing way for making graffiti!

1 forget all the usual spray drawing means
2 take some empty recipient (for ex. some spray product for clean your house)
3 fill up the spray recipient with your favorite color
4 may you have to modify the distributing valve that generates the flux
5 make your graffiti draw while people are watching as you are clean up on the wall...

25 January 2007

29 idea

A software for hermit artist that while working makes think on the own artwork...
A Robot voice (speech computer software) that makes random questions interviewing digital artists...while at work.

15 January 2007

28 idea

The getting lost guide… to produce an online tourism guide featureing experiences getting lost in different places.
the stories [or features] could include particular places - places stumbled upon or found by "accident".

10 January 2007

27 idea

Ads about Furniture Design on toilet paper rolls.