28 November 2006

24 idea

Let's entertainment: “Net-Art, comedy and tragedy” or “The Net-Art TV News” is coming! . Imagine... in the evening while cooking and relaxing comfortably at home, watching and listening on TV some Daily or weekly news about the www of the Net-Art with related events and protagonists.

15 November 2006

23 idea

Digital Truck

Do you feel at Digital Art as a mission? Digital Truck is an idea to curate a travelling Net-Art exhibition in public spaces. A glass window as a parallelepiped will be installed in the main European’s cities to close people at Digital Art.

02 November 2006

22 idea

A flexible disco...
A project about several flexible walls into a disco connected to sensors, while dancing and closing at will surround as hot arms. As the dancer’s body shaves the walls, become warm and the shape snarl all around like a snake.