28 March 2006

14 idea

(YAA) yet another agency !

YAA is the core concept of building a better future for net related arts and all the starving artists in this field.
The traditional art- scene doesn't really wants to recognize the net based - art as an art – phenomenon, maybe because many of the works in this field are not suitable for selling. Therefore many artists depend on funding and stipends. But, who wants to give money to them for things that mostly don't even exist in a physically tangible way? So, what could be a solution? The YAA. Yet Another Agency is a lobbying - fundraising agency for net based arts with strong influence and very important contacts to institutions and politicians all over the world.

16 March 2006

13 idea

Don't waste the space!

In this video installation the four walls and the floor transform themselves each containing various geometric environments as layers; the layers show a constant progress of rendering resulting in a fluid state of the archi-tech-tonic space. The spectator's state of existence within the installation allows a perception of many places in one: whilst the viewer remains in the same time and place, they experience a new morphic spatial order...

02 March 2006

12 idea

Is it the love a question of which detergent to use?
In this cartoon a woman chose her man by the detergent he uses. Then, whilst trying to commit suicide, she falls from her window into a supermarket where she finds new love in a new brand of washing detergent. To be continued…