21 February 2006

11 idea

Make a donation!

An idea for the Municipal District of Roma.
On the Roma’s buses almost nobody pay the ticket for traveling, therefore it would be nice to remove or better turn all the ticket machines into boxes where possible insert some coins as a kind of donation, as for the entrance into the occupied squats. To me the Municipal District could earn more money than now.

14 February 2006

10 idea

An erotic love story written on your lover's car... you need just a marking pen!
Ps. Sorry the story I've written is in Portuguese.

03 February 2006

9 idea

Another spatial-temporal paradox: a timeline without time

A dichotomy timeline that doesn’t contain time but it is constituted by fixed instants, in which the movie hangs up into null points.
The film has no time. It is simple a series of smaller events which are organized in a certain way. One could say that all documents are based on an illusion of time.
Based on the states of mind, passing of time could be perceived as more faster "time is flying away", meaning that the duration appears inferior to how much is it in truth; rather happens also to perceive passing of the slower time as "never ending". This conceptual timeline proposes an “ataraxic state of time” between these two points (see image): some bipolarity for the cancellation of time, a dead zone...
The idea is based around an oscillation between two states: one positive and one negative. The juxtaposition of both states generates “zero seconds”. One second is constituted from those oscillations. Those numbers are the bipolar oscillations between the two mentioned states that annul the time in those points.
A searching for an abstraction of time... the time must rest and the artwork can run by itself. A searching for an abstraction of art without time… a searching for an art moment, an abstraction of time…