19 December 2006

26 idea

This is an idea for graphic designers. "Call for a new way to show the sponsors in graphics works" suggests to find others creativity ways to use and display the sponsors; ‘cause they are always used in a ordinary way, often represented as little square at the bottom of the image…

14 December 2006

25 idea

Ads on the homeless Artists.
Ads are popping up everywhere! Why not advertise on the back of travelling digital artist's clothes or t-shirt? They have great exposure, are always around the world! Maybe artists could feel a bit stigmatised…but this could be a way to earn money as a stipend to support the artists while travelling and also wear always new couture!

28 November 2006

24 idea

Let's entertainment: “Net-Art, comedy and tragedy” or “The Net-Art TV News” is coming! . Imagine... in the evening while cooking and relaxing comfortably at home, watching and listening on TV some Daily or weekly news about the www of the Net-Art with related events and protagonists.

15 November 2006

23 idea

Digital Truck

Do you feel at Digital Art as a mission? Digital Truck is an idea to curate a travelling Net-Art exhibition in public spaces. A glass window as a parallelepiped will be installed in the main European’s cities to close people at Digital Art.

02 November 2006

22 idea

A flexible disco...
A project about several flexible walls into a disco connected to sensors, while dancing and closing at will surround as hot arms. As the dancer’s body shaves the walls, become warm and the shape snarl all around like a snake.

31 October 2006

21 idea

Pagoda-meringue prototypes. An installation sugar made for luscious eatable architectures.

13 October 2006

20 idea

Some fragments for an interactive video installation…

... where the motion of your body can deform and turn the video installation’s texture into an optical experience.

29 September 2006

19 idea

A viedo installation...
"The rendering space" is a room with four walls always under construction. The walls display a rendering’s process that generates the same images of the walls. This process will never give shape to the environment. The spectator feels inside a software always working and the environment doesn't exists no more... exists like an idea.

14 September 2006

18 idea

Summer is close to end in Italy… is here an idea to carry with you the memories of summer while going to work in your city. Inspired from De La Soul’s song “An't Hip To Be Labeled A Hippie” this is the Vespa « from de soul ».

11 September 2006

17 idea

Just some questions to formulate a call for paper about how is changed our feeling respect the concept of destiny in the digital era.

Have the internet and psychotechnologies reprogramed or guided the progression of notions of destiny?

Are notions of destiny perceivable as global or vulnerable and uncertain?

Is the destiny that we share without control because is it always changing?

Does the internet transform our psychological processes and perceptions of death?

Have notions of eternity changed because of the social assimilation of the internet and other new technologies?

Does the Internet with its seemingly endless fast paced evolution and variation, provoke feelings of immortality and deification?

Are traditional notions of destiny any more than a source of irony?

05 May 2006

16 idea

Monuments telling stories of digital art…

This idea comes out because I’m working on a similar project: “Art calling digital art stories” http://www.chiarapassa.it/publicart.html This last involves the public phone booths, instead “Monuments telling stories of digital art”, involves the antiques statues telling the contemporary electronic art practices to the public. It’s really simple to realize, it needs to record the audio files and then to put a hidden dvd reader with a speaker close to the statue. Imagine the Bernini’s baroque fountain (“Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi”) in Piazza Navona speaking on software-art…

13 April 2006

15 idea

Web sit-in
There is no theory nor process for this action. Nobody knows why they are sitting into this “atmosphere”...

28 March 2006

14 idea

(YAA) yet another agency !

YAA is the core concept of building a better future for net related arts and all the starving artists in this field.
The traditional art- scene doesn't really wants to recognize the net based - art as an art – phenomenon, maybe because many of the works in this field are not suitable for selling. Therefore many artists depend on funding and stipends. But, who wants to give money to them for things that mostly don't even exist in a physically tangible way? So, what could be a solution? The YAA. Yet Another Agency is a lobbying - fundraising agency for net based arts with strong influence and very important contacts to institutions and politicians all over the world.

16 March 2006

13 idea

Don't waste the space!

In this video installation the four walls and the floor transform themselves each containing various geometric environments as layers; the layers show a constant progress of rendering resulting in a fluid state of the archi-tech-tonic space. The spectator's state of existence within the installation allows a perception of many places in one: whilst the viewer remains in the same time and place, they experience a new morphic spatial order...

02 March 2006

12 idea

Is it the love a question of which detergent to use?
In this cartoon a woman chose her man by the detergent he uses. Then, whilst trying to commit suicide, she falls from her window into a supermarket where she finds new love in a new brand of washing detergent. To be continued…

21 February 2006

11 idea

Make a donation!

An idea for the Municipal District of Roma.
On the Roma’s buses almost nobody pay the ticket for traveling, therefore it would be nice to remove or better turn all the ticket machines into boxes where possible insert some coins as a kind of donation, as for the entrance into the occupied squats. To me the Municipal District could earn more money than now.

14 February 2006

10 idea

An erotic love story written on your lover's car... you need just a marking pen!
Ps. Sorry the story I've written is in Portuguese.

03 February 2006

9 idea

Another spatial-temporal paradox: a timeline without time

A dichotomy timeline that doesn’t contain time but it is constituted by fixed instants, in which the movie hangs up into null points.
The film has no time. It is simple a series of smaller events which are organized in a certain way. One could say that all documents are based on an illusion of time.
Based on the states of mind, passing of time could be perceived as more faster "time is flying away", meaning that the duration appears inferior to how much is it in truth; rather happens also to perceive passing of the slower time as "never ending". This conceptual timeline proposes an “ataraxic state of time” between these two points (see image): some bipolarity for the cancellation of time, a dead zone...
The idea is based around an oscillation between two states: one positive and one negative. The juxtaposition of both states generates “zero seconds”. One second is constituted from those oscillations. Those numbers are the bipolar oscillations between the two mentioned states that annul the time in those points.
A searching for an abstraction of time... the time must rest and the artwork can run by itself. A searching for an abstraction of art without time… a searching for an art moment, an abstraction of time…

25 January 2006

8 idea

A psychogeographycal journey of a cloud...
A satellite following…
a fake cloud roaming in the sky…
which is piloted in a random way through a PC and contains a GPS device receiver…
the cloud leaves SMS for different places…
it takes the mobile-phone numbers from a website where is possible to leave the own number… therefore the adrift cloud passing across your city could leave for you a special SMS

17 January 2006

a story...

A story written by Benjamin Bailey http://www.pixelart.org.uk/

What lies between the artists of this contemporary age and those who grasp at more traditional forms of representation?

The full story at http://www.ideasonair.net/benjaminstory.html