25 December 2005

7 idea

Re-naming “the artist”!
Why do digital artists still call themselves artists? Why is the name “artist” linked to the practice of being an artist in the information age? Why does "the digital experience" still need to pass through the concept of art to express itself? Perhaps we feel we need to remain tied to a historical, political, social and ethical context; we need to feel that digital art is included in an already existing system in order to believe in ourselves. Why does digital art still need to express itself through the concept of narration? The “digital experience” manifests itself through an electronic medium that is not independent by its own nature; therefore, how much of it is innovative? It seems that sometimes innovation resides mainly in the choice of the medium. Could digital art be considered innovative just because it passes through the medium? Let’s redefine the name "artist" and the concept of “artwork,” updating them to the actual meaning and context. Free the digital artist!

Some innovative and interesting full examples of net artworks-anti art

09 December 2005

6 1/2 idea

Remixing codes

Ideaonair is still thinking on the 6 idea. So, proposes to remix the rgb color’s codes that constitute all circles, via algorithm, java script, ascii code, flash action script, etc, to generate a random language via symbols. Or else, proposes to create an essential e-game based on a random language.