25 December 2005

7 idea

Re-naming “the artist”!
Why do digital artists still call themselves artists? Why is the name “artist” linked to the practice of being an artist in the information age? Why does "the digital experience" still need to pass through the concept of art to express itself? Perhaps we feel we need to remain tied to a historical, political, social and ethical context; we need to feel that digital art is included in an already existing system in order to believe in ourselves. Why does digital art still need to express itself through the concept of narration? The “digital experience” manifests itself through an electronic medium that is not independent by its own nature; therefore, how much of it is innovative? It seems that sometimes innovation resides mainly in the choice of the medium. Could digital art be considered innovative just because it passes through the medium? Let’s redefine the name "artist" and the concept of “artwork,” updating them to the actual meaning and context. Free the digital artist!

Some innovative and interesting full examples of net artworks-anti art

09 December 2005

6 1/2 idea

Remixing codes

Ideaonair is still thinking on the 6 idea. So, proposes to remix the rgb color’s codes that constitute all circles, via algorithm, java script, ascii code, flash action script, etc, to generate a random language via symbols. Or else, proposes to create an essential e-game based on a random language.

28 November 2005

6 idea

"Essential language"

“Essential language” proposes an elementary way to communicate not through the words but through a primordial symbol: the circle, that derives from the point and is its origin. This artistic abstract language modifies itself on the base of different alphabets and is applicable to all idioms. Infact, each letter of the alphabet is identified by means of a circle with a specified color defined by a rgb code. As in real alphabet the different letters are assembled together in order to form the desired word, in the artistic abstract language the different circles are assembled together in concentric circles whose diameter is defined on the base of the length of the chosen word. The assembled circles shall be read from the inside to the outside in a centripetal movement. A sentence will be constituted of more compositions of concentric closer circles, separated by punctuation that is constituted of different colored points.
As an example I want to consider the “essential language” built on the 26 letters of the English alphabet by associating 26 colored circles to the letters.
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18 November 2005

5 idea

Website Tagging

Hacking, software art and street art may merge together with this idea...
Street artists and hackers: have you ever created a mural or tagged on a website? This idea proposes to become an 'internet writer', drawing and tagging websites. So become a virtual street artist! But be careful-more than in the real world! Ps. the sticker's piggy on the third image has been made by Yuri.

05 November 2005

4 idea

"Intuitive Naming"
Don't know how to title your soundtrack or video? Are you missing just the right phrase or the protagonist's name... maybe just your new pet's name? Using "Intuitive Naming," you don't need any software! You just need a mobile phone. Enter the menu, select 'Send SMS' and set the T9 intuitive dictionary (one of the best is Nokia 3210), then let your fingers slide and shift on the keyboard in any random way. And behold the creation! Naming with T9 Intuitive Dictionary! The copywriter solution!
Some example:
Galv sanyon

27 October 2005

3 idea

"© sofa”

Hei hei designers! A very comfortable and fashionable sofa is out now! Even if, Ideasonair thinks the “idea” is more comfortable than the sofa. Anyway, the "Piercing sofa", or if you prefer, the "© sofa” is here for you.

25 October 2005

2 idea

Many thoughts?

A vacant place in society for sale! "Oh no... I was born in a beige and blue house. I'll make a 'kit' contains instructions and suggestions on how to fragment and disperse thoughts instead of accumulating them!" First kit's instruction: start to breathe.

19 October 2005

1 idea

The random trip-Kit of the imaginary traveller

I imagine "The random trip" as a psycho-geographical trip without destination, where time and distances are not calculated but improvised. A trip without traveller. In fact to move it's just a sort of ‘kit of the imaginary traveller’ that determines a map whose accidental trajectories establish various points in the world, where the people never meet themselves but they receive and they send a suitcase. Therefore they can decide a stage of the travel. The space where all that happens does not exist, or better, it exists like ‘a process’ that visualizes the stages of the travel through the virtual space of a web site; in which an ‘individual nomadism’ crosses it without moving or travelling.
With “The random trip” the territory is dissolved in ‘nodal points’ and enters into a wide networking space.
The kit of the ‘imaginary traveller’ means to reflect the people on a very deep experience—that is to move on just your own territory. Therefore, the most important trip that anyone should complete is the intimistic one.

17 October 2005

Ideasonair is out now!

Ideasonair.net is a web project that serves digital artists. The site promotes artistic ideas created by me in various fields, especially for digital art. Therefore: “Dear artists, poets, architects, designers, critics, curators and ‘lovers of the trade’, if you are short of ideas this is the site for you!” Here the ideas from ‘Hyperuranium’ have landed and found a place or better a virtual factory. Ideasonair.net creates for you a lot of different ideas ready to be developed. Ideasonair has a particular theory about ideas and how we perceive them: “ideas are in the air and the earth is spinning around connecting with these ideas at various places. So an identical idea could land or be had in New York and Rome at the same time”. This site could be considered somewhat like entropy. It puts in order and gives shapes to ideas. This online factory is continually updated to always give artists new ideas.
Ideas appear in the site in three different stages. The first stage is purely preliminary and the idea is just a clue in their primordial state, maybe not yet able to be developed. The second stage we can call (as Freud would call it) the ‘daydream’ stage. This is the stage in which the various elements that constitute an idea come in contact and come to realization. The third stage deals with the complete idea ready to be developed. The three stages are marked on title by their respective colours: red when the idea is in the initial stage, orange when it is in the ‘daydream’ stage and green when it is ready to work. Finally artist doesn't need to fight for any ‘copyright’, ‘copyleft’, ‘copydown’ !
Ideasonair is a conceptual artwork in progress that puts in evidence the concept of ‘open artwork’ getting ideas and waits for their realization. Moral of the fable: The ideas are the artwork and they can be transmitted… just like the thought! Why ideasonair.net? Fell free to ask more info. at: ideasonair@libero.it