06 February 2013

ideasonair turns into ebook

Dear friends and colleagues, thank you very much for following ideasonair during these years. I've decided to turn this weblog into an iPad multifunctional ebook, that I will publish as soon as I can. The weblog will remain online as archive. Best regards, Chiara.

20 December 2012

119 idea

This month, ideasonair proposes to the digital artists a very conceptual idea. It suggests to shows (meant in various ways) an art-curator…

29 November 2012

118 idea

Ideasonair proposes to the graphics/artists to build some interactive icons (using XCode) containing inside an hidden message that can be generated and be transfigured from icon to sound listenable through ITunes.

30 October 2012

117 idea

This month comes out an idea on reshape places, making ‘digital site-specific projects’ by artists. Using the AR technology on mobile, Ideasonair proposes to build an App that the artists can use in order to manipulate digital environments/models on a real place/scape. By pointing the camera at the place, this App shows various options to invent and redefine the place, so the artist can start to construct his/her new digital place by changing the look of the ongoing location.

24 September 2012

116 idea

This month Ideasonair promotes an idea at primordial state but versatile. The blog suggests to use the Firebug's extension (with Firefox browser) in order to create an Interactive html artwork.

30 August 2012

115 idea

This month, ideasonair proposes an idea for artists/programmers that suggests to create a similar app to Emoji Free! The “Art-Emoji “ provides its own art-icons in messages/chats, in order to produce a solo or a group keyboard-exhibition to share via sms.

17 July 2012

114 idea

Ideasonair proposes an art-curatorial idea: to create an exhibition as a process that generates visions through “episodes” of digital art.

20 June 2012

113 idea

This month Ideasonair comes-out with an idea for artists-programmers. So, proposes to re-think at the Luna-Park's carousels, in order to transmute them into mobile’s games Apps.

22 May 2012

112 idea

An idea for digital photographer. Ideasonair this month proposes to create a sort of “Nature’s ready-made”. Making digital photos - stopping the natural cycle, isolating the particular, and turning natural details into real objects, and more, decontextualizing all the natural shapes, your nature’s concept will be a “fantastic” ready-made!

20 April 2012

111 idea

Become new media artist just for one day! We will let you know all the possibilities and the solutions...

22 March 2012

110 idea

Ideasonair proposes to use Quartz Composer and a webcam, to generate a program that translates sign language into abstract paintings, in real time.

29 February 2012

109 idea

This month, ideasonair proposes an expertize-technical idea: “Elegant code“ for creates your own movie in Machinima. Then, modify the artwork's interactivity using Quartz Composer, in order to create a standalone composition within Xcode, that uses your own name file extension, as for example .CHIARA_PASSA

27 January 2012

108 idea

This idea proposes to the visual-poetry’s artists, to create through iTunes’s podcast, a series of audio-video episodes, of a non-linear/interactive-narrative, using the markers in AE and/or Q.T.

22 December 2011

107 idea

"Startup Digital-Art Key". It’s an idea to create a new media artwork easy to sale. The pen-drive to release, contains the artwork that is bootable from the device itself. So the purchaser to watch and interacts with the contents, doesn’t needs to install or update the artwork inside the pen drive.

23 November 2011

106 idea

This month ideasonair, proposes to plan a written aphorism wandering on google earth’s globe, whose meaning changes depending on the geographical location of google+’s users who are connected.

26 October 2011

105 idea

This idea is for new media artists. Ideasonair this month, proposes to create a series of virtual sculptures (kinect sculptures), using kinect on xbox 360 and the web-cam.

22 September 2011

104 idea

Whit this idea, Ideasonair proposes to set-up a mobile APP: “Outlet for the digital art”, where artists can submit to sale their digital artworks. Every day, the app will select the best artwork at the best price, related to the area where you reside.

12 August 2011

103 idea

Summertime - ideasonair surfs the web more than ever ;-) even if, returns always to the HOMEPAGE! So, proposes an idea to make a net-based artwork, that reflects on the concept of the homepage and explores and constructs it’s own homepage-artwork as a home where make return...

22 July 2011

102 idea

This month, Ideasonair proposes to set up a real key or better, “Art key” on your pc's keyboard. When it is pressed, generates an instant artwork… could be done using Arduino as servo commander and Quartz Composer, for example, to make a screensaver.

30 June 2011

101 idea

This month, Ideasonair proposes to build (using Arduino and Quartz Composer as controllers) an interactive video installation with the theme “live circuit”.

31 May 2011

100 idea

Ideasonair.net has carried out the hundredth idea!!! First of all, thank you very much for being with us since 2005 ;-)

This not easy idea, titled “Wild Time”, proposes to create a random sound loop in real-time, using Arduino (with some sensor) as modulator and microcontroller; and building with Quartz Composer the audio spectrum in order to visualize on screen the sound mutation.

27 April 2011

99 idea

This idea proposes to construct an interactive landscape "Sublimescape" that sublimates on the base of the viewer look's intensity.

31 March 2011

98 idea

This idea proposes to set up a specific channel on You-Tube, of short interviews on new media artists (just 2 or 3 min but one interview per day) and the related podcast's service.

24 February 2011

97 idea

Ideasonair proposes to create an app. for smartphones that generates "random art books" structured by sentences!

29 January 2011

96 idea

ideasonair.net proposes to reflect on how to best exhibit conceptual art. So, this month, the blog will try (as a primordial stage idea) to create a suitable sort of environment that represents a Conceptual Art Galley. How to build, or not to build, a conceptual art galley? Light, reflection, reverberation, specularity, walls, thoughts, snips of code, air…?

28 December 2010

95 idea

Ideasonair proposes to build an app for iphone that every day gives for free a net based-artwork, directly from the web, in random mode.

30 November 2010

94 idea

“Texturing the city”. This idea proposes to build an interactive video installation that has as subject the urban environment of our cities and its mutations… a sort of re-shaping of our surroundings, using virtual textures that are made from our software.

28 October 2010

93 idea

"Multi-collaborative web-art fiction" With this nascent idea, ideasonair purposes to set-up a multi collaborative online game, in order to create a sort of interactive online web-art fiction...

30 September 2010

92 idea

This month, Ideasonair wants suggest to the digital artists to investigate a tool (Ideasonair is playing from one year ago) named: Artoolkit, that runs under Quartz Composer and Processing. This tool born on 2008 and play with 3-D and augmented reality.

30 August 2010

91 idea

Ideasonair proposes to build an online artwork, an interactive virtual 
landscape as a virtual sculpture that is continually in transformation because it is connected remotely to a satellite that predicts the weather and takes the latest weather’s data from a city--for example, from the always-variable London.

28 July 2010

90 idea

Inspired by the dome of the Purgatorio’s church in Terracina, ideasonair proposes to the digital artists to build an interactive video installation just inside the dome. Connecting the dome to a space station via satellite, to watch the space and the cyber-space through the church…

17 June 2010

89 idea

“Contemporary art outlet museum”, where is always possible to find the last unsold collection of new media artworks!

19 May 2010

88 idea

Let’s entertainment but… at the other side of the art? This idea proposes to create a blog that contains and categorize by topic, photographs rejected by users, regarding unsuccessful performative artworks. So the blog will be a funny "collection of art-trash".

09 April 2010

87 idea

Coding! With this simple idea, ideasonair wants promote to set up a core blog where digital artists can publish and share snippets of codes, (html, php, processing, java, etc.) and add complete working examples related to their artworks.

09 March 2010

86 idea

This is a technical idea on how is possible to create an animation with the stereoscopic effect just using Google SketchUp freeware version.
So, download and install Google SketchUp. Download or create a model and animate it. Save the animation project file, and then save an exact, duplicate copy of that same project file, with a different file name. Open both the animations in separate windows, place them side-by-side, either as a parallel pair or crossed pair. Open the first frame of each scene, one at a time and shift the camera in one window by panning left or right (horizontally) until the amount of depth is desired for that frame. When you are finished, if your panning was perfectly parallel (horizontal), you should end up a separate left and right perspective animation with interpolated frames with an animated stereo base. Since the cameras were “pointed parallel”, you will need to shift the parallax (”set the stereo window”) in post with something like StereoMovie Maker or Adobe After Effects.

13 February 2010

85 idea

This idea proposes to compose an interactive multimedia installation, a sort of biological landscape that is the direct result of real changing environmental conditions. The atmosphere shows images of some human material, in order to transform and generate a virtual architecture constituted by it. Using the PL processing and two Lasers connected to two computers, a new spatial order in progress will manifest itself through a rendering of various layers…

14 January 2010

84 idea

Did you know that twittering allows to modify each time the rendering of an interactive video installation?
This idea proposes to implement an interface built with Arduino that uses Twitter's blog posts to control the video installation.

03 December 2009

83 idea

... just make all transparent: buildings, cars, net-artworks, layers, web-projects, etc...

02 November 2009

82 idea

"Donate an internet artwork". This idea proposes to donate internet-artworks, instead of sharing them, through cut-and paste action, which will be different every time. This way, donated net-artwork will be always unique (one of a kind).

01 October 2009

81 idea

Walking through the internet. This idea proposes to construct an immersive and interactive video-installation that uses internet landscapes as fluctuating environments. People walking around the street, are live videos introduced into screened public instillation and they can take a walk through this new internet architecture as if in a labyrinth.

11 September 2009

80 idea

Patchwork house
This idea proposes to be inspired from great architects in order to plan a green-house like a patchwork assembled with scraps and second-hand materials.

01 August 2009

79 idea

Using Xcode or Dashcode (in osx) is possible to create some interactive widgets. This idea suggests to carry out a personal e-card business as an interactive widget. Sending and installing it, is possible to create through Internet, a personal or group exhibition of new media art, staying at home; or also organize some artist’s studio visit with various openings all around the world, all without moving.

01 July 2009

78 idea

This is an idea to make an interactive video installation, using as environment the Rubik's cube. People with their movements can directly change the colours of the cube.

03 June 2009

77 idea

"Google street view film, based on a psycho-geographic journey"
This idea proposes to create a sort of a film-documentary through the streets, taking and remixing images from Google Street View DB. The result will be a film always different because in transformation.

04 May 2009

76 idea

This idea proposes to improvise an extemporaneous contra-net-art exhibition on the theme of some links of digital-art, found while surfing on the web. Make your contra-net-art exhibition, just linking the webpage that you created with all the related links of the exhibition, under the comments of some blog about time based artworks, or links the webpage leaving a comment in some guestbook of a website that reviews new media artworks.

14 April 2009

75 idea

Imagine a space-satellite launch … this idea
"launch of a digital artwork" proposes to decorate a rocket during the firing, with a project of digital art.

17 March 2009

74 idea

“New media art for rent.net” is an idea that proposes itself through a website where is possible to rent ‘time based artworks’, in order to show them, in a variety of performance, (for example, would be stimulating to show the artworks through a big screen during a meeting), in a physical space like an office. “New media art for rent.net” is expert in ‘new media art’ to rent for offices, businesses, and corporations and multinationals that need to organize their meetings, brainstorming and various reviews, with a creative approach.

19 February 2009

73 idea

“Geotracking street art “ (and digital art in public space). The idea proposes to create a web site presents itself as a huge database of locations that user can share. Everyone can submit street-art locations that will have associated an assortment of metadata. Locations will necessarily have coordinates that a user could provide from a GPS device, or by specifying a place on the map (using the app. for cel. Google map and Google latitude).

15 January 2009

72 idea

With this idea, ideasonair proposes to make an installation made by a series of Pc-sculptures physically infected from various virus. An example (the image at the top) shows as a Computer is infected from measles… maybe one day also the machines will be affected by the similar diseases as those that affect the human race.