14 June 2007

41 idea

“Immaterial studio for making interactive video” is an idea to built an interactive platform to edit online video in real time from various people connected to the internet.
“Immaterial studio for making video” could be also implemented for example, to create an annual online video art festival where group of participates will made one big video in a collaborative way…
People want to take a part at the online festival of video art, must use the interactive platform constituted by an online software to cut, paste, edit, make effects, ( I imagine the software similar both at After Effects and Final Cut but online version ) and upload pieces of movies. Every people or group can do modifications to the precedent version uploaded. So the video ( never finished ) will be always interactive, transforming itself and generating a sort of process that is meant like “Artwork”. The user/spectator will watch at a wired video festival done just with one wide "Artwork" made from a lot of people that always change itself.

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