11 September 2006

17 idea

Just some questions to formulate a call for paper about how is changed our feeling respect the concept of destiny in the digital era.

Have the internet and psychotechnologies reprogramed or guided the progression of notions of destiny?

Are notions of destiny perceivable as global or vulnerable and uncertain?

Is the destiny that we share without control because is it always changing?

Does the internet transform our psychological processes and perceptions of death?

Have notions of eternity changed because of the social assimilation of the internet and other new technologies?

Does the Internet with its seemingly endless fast paced evolution and variation, provoke feelings of immortality and deification?

Are traditional notions of destiny any more than a source of irony?


Anonymous said...

Do links encourage people to see beyond their personal situations and know the broad world in diverse ways? Or, instead, do links encourage people to drill into their own territories and not learn about social concerns that seem irrelevant to their personal interests?

qui que said...

increese in desitions based on assertion of personal - taking controle to a larger, or broader extent.
teleaccess reprogramming that which was geographical effect on destiny of individuals in populus.
intergenre uniformed scale a in nature - effect amongst parts
surfing or simply floating, standing in a shifting wind, intune
psycholigic precognition

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