09 December 2005

6 1/2 idea

Remixing codes

Ideaonair is still thinking on the 6 idea. So, proposes to remix the rgb color’s codes that constitute all circles, via algorithm, java script, ascii code, flash action script, etc, to generate a random language via symbols. Or else, proposes to create an essential e-game based on a random language.


benjamin said...

What about an instant messanger which desplays a ring of color in correspondence to each word or letter.
the rings would se shown as the corresponding unit of language would be read; "the rings" would be spelt out in the corresponding rings of colour sequentialy, just as it is read.

this could either be a live transmition with instant colour sequence to the physical pressing of keys or in the storage of message segments just as in the other text based messangers.

I could recomend an engineer who could build the program. she may be interested.

best wishes all.

ideasonair said...

Oh yeah! let me know.