28 November 2005

6 idea

"Essential language"

“Essential language” proposes an elementary way to communicate not through the words but through a primordial symbol: the circle, that derives from the point and is its origin. This artistic abstract language modifies itself on the base of different alphabets and is applicable to all idioms. Infact, each letter of the alphabet is identified by means of a circle with a specified color defined by a rgb code. As in real alphabet the different letters are assembled together in order to form the desired word, in the artistic abstract language the different circles are assembled together in concentric circles whose diameter is defined on the base of the length of the chosen word. The assembled circles shall be read from the inside to the outside in a centripetal movement. A sentence will be constituted of more compositions of concentric closer circles, separated by punctuation that is constituted of different colored points.
As an example I want to consider the “essential language” built on the 26 letters of the English alphabet by associating 26 colored circles to the letters.
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benjamin said...

imagine being able to see your conversation in its shades and hues.
what places would they match?
If you were to see the deficit hue of the ammassed convorsation around you then how would your own deficit hue compare.. would it complement or contrast? would it be jettisoned because of repulsion or would it make that place more beautiful?

ideasonair said...

If centrifugal, the gyration could make the “place” or better a “Super place”, more magical and beautiful. If centripetal, the “place” could absorb all the colours and generating nothing…